PNW Wildflower Seed Mix

PNW Wildflower Seed Mix

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A mixture of wildflower seeds commonly found thriving in the lush Pacific NW. Once established, wildflowers are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and provide long-lasting color to the landscape. Perfect for flower beds, pastures, roadsides, or any other un-mowed areas you'd like to brighten up a little bit. 

1 oz. covers approx. 250 sq. ft. (comes in a metal tin with kraft label, as seen in picture)

This particular wildflower mix includes the following flowers: Five Spot Siberian Wallflower, Scarlet Flax, Lance Leaf Coreopsis California Poppy Yellow Lupine Blue Flax Bigleaf Lupine Chinese Houses Baby Blue Eyes Corn Poppy Mix Shasta Daisy Bird's Eyes Tidy Tips Godetia Clarkia Globe Gilia Mountain Phlox Sweet Alyssum Black-Eyed Susan

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