Forever New Liquid Stretch Athleisure Wash 16oz

Forever New Liquid Stretch Athleisure Wash 16oz

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Many of today’s detergents do not rinse completely out of the fibers of your garment, accumulating and eventually breaking down the elasticity or stretch of the garment. The colors dim or yellow and eventually the garment may retain odors. STRETCH Athleisure Wash is a high-efficiency (HE) wash, dye-free, biodegradable with the added odor eliminator that removes sweat and funky odors. Stretch will preserve the elasticity, form, and fit of your activewear, compression sportswear, sports bras, and swimsuits.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Empty one gentle squeeze (or 1/8 cup) into the drum. Add garments. Wash as directed on fabric label. Lay flat to dry. OR hand wash.

16 fl oz